Welcome, friends! In the case of some of you, welcome back! This is the new home of “New Song Weekly,” an endeavor started last year, which I thought worth attempting again this year. The idea is to write a new song every week and post a video to the web, thus challenging myself to be song-writing and honing my skills regularly, as well as keeping a consistent dialogue with the public so that even when I am not gigging, my music can gain exposure.

Last year I made it a little overly tough on myself, setting up a “fancy” backdrop and trying to externally mike the audio and then sync up with the video. It was kinda insane. That probably has a lot to do with why I only ever got six songs out there in 2009! This year I am taking a new and simplified approach, and I hope that I will make it through all fifty-two weeks with as many songs to show for it.

In addition, I decided to add a song-writing blog to the equation. I don’t like to explain what my songs are about as a general rule (see the Gretchen Peters quote below–I feel the same way!), so that’s not likely to be the objective here. What I am hoping to do is give a little background info on the catalyst behind the song’s birth and a bit about the process of writing it. However, I don’t doubt that the occasional tidbit of explanation might seep out (or is it in?), so I’m going to post the info about each song a week later.

I think having too much information available about a song you’ve never heard before affects and influences the way you listen, and I don’t want to do that. I want you to come to your own conclusions, feel your own feelings, like or dislike each song for your own reasons. Then if you feel like you want to know what’s “behind the music” so to speak, you can come back a week later for the next new song, and read about the previous week’s song process, and gain some insight into what I was thinking about when I wrote it. For the same reason I won’t post lyrics right away either. I mean, if I did then we’d miss out on all that “excuse me while I kiss this guy” potential. And how else will I ever know if I need to work on my enunciation skills? So lyrics will appear next week along with some other fascinating tidbits about this week’s song.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? I hope so! I’ve wanted to write a regular blog for some time now, and it’s been challenging trying to come up with a format that didn’t have me constantly toeing the line between personal and professional lives in a way that might be detrimental to either end. This seems like a nice compromise, and I hope it will be a funny and informative place you enjoy stopping for a few moments on a Friday afternoon or evening.

For now I’ll leave you with a quote from an interview with mega-song-writer Gretchen Peters (from www.songfacts.com):

“…in order to dig your teeth in, to get to the emotional space that you need to be, I don’t think that that necessarily means that you have to be explicit, or put every detail in. In fact, I think songs are better when they are a little bit more murky, or fuzzy around the edges. Let the listener participate, too, in other words. Let them put their story in.”

P.S. I know that the opening credits say 2009. It turned out to be a bigger job than I thought trying to update them, so just be patient. It will happen, but it might be a couple weeks. 🙂


4 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. Pete Says:

    WOW!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!! I am totally amazed by how easily you write really good songs! I also envy how you can just sit in front of a camera and sound great. I would HAVE to make a very edited and produced video because I could never do it live. By the way, the video looks and sounds GREAT!!! Much better than the thing you were trying last year, much more natural. THE ENDING WAS FANTASTIC!!! I am really, really looking forward to each week’s new song! DON’T QUIT!!!

  2. newsongweekly Says:

    Thanks, Pete! I’m excited too! And you’ll never believe how I figured out the whole sound deal. I was trying to throw together a video for “The Biggest Loser” (at the total last minute, since that’s when I happened to find out about the application process–needless to say it never got submitted!) and I had done a whole video convoy with just me talking to the camera up close. So then I wrote a silly little song to try and increase my chances of getting chosen, and when I played it back after I was like, “Wow! That sounds ridiculously good. Why have I been stressing myself out with this recording process?????” The key was having the camera just a few feet away. Last year for whatever reason I had it really far away (and then I would zoom it in halfway–duh!) and so it couldn’t pick up the sound very well, especially if it was a late night taping and I was trying to be quiet… So then I started with the mic and plugging the guitar in, and all this extra work. I don’t know why it never occurred to me to just move the camera closer! I’m so glad to hear that it sounds good! I’m definitely pleased with the result and think it will be much easier to keep up with the whole thing this year. And also it’s much closer to what it’s meant to be, which is just a snapshot of the process. It’s a first draft. It’s “here’s step one of writing a new song.” And it’s meant to feel intimate. It’s not intended to be polished and perfect (though dozens of outtakes show ya how hard I TRY to be! LOL. Anyway, thanks so much for commenting! It’s great motivation when you know people are actually paying attention!

  3. Noralee Says:

    Great idea, Kim! You look mahvelous and the song is wonderful! Keep it up. I’m inspired… There’s plenty of stuff I’ve been meaning to do with my music that gets swept aside by everyday life… And video taping is such a great tool, anyway, for developing your craft. (So scary sometimes to listen to/watch yourself perform.)… By the way, I’m working on getting Burton Kaplan back for another workshop this year. I’ll let you know more when we have settled on the dates.

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