Greetings, my little blog readers!  I have decided to make a couple changes to this blog’s format.  Unlike Facebook, I think my changes will actually be improvements, and I’ll even explain why in case you are scratching your head.

Mostly it’s because I’m confused by the format myself.  It’s kinda tricky enough doing this whole songwriting/recording/blogging thing on a weekly basis without throwing in the blog-being-a-week-behind part.  Frankly, I usually write the blog just after I write the song, while it’s all fresh in my head, and then it has to sit around for an extra week to be posted… I’m just not sure it’s worth it.  I mean, I think we’re all grown-ups here (except for me).  I think if I post the info about the current song at the same time as the video is posted, you can all decide for yourselves if you want to read up on the song first, or check out the lyrics first, or read the lyrics while listening to the song, etc.  I think it will be easier for all of us, don’t you?

So from now on I’m going to post the lyrics and write-up on the current song under the video, and you can scroll or not scroll as you wish.  I’ll post the lyrics on the lyrics page and the video on the videos page as well.  But I think I’m gonna flip it all around so that the most current song is at the top.  Doesn’t that seem pretty logical?  I think so.  I think after a few more months I’ll be glad I did it, and so will you.  I’m also going to go back and put the previously posted write-ups on the pages with their videos, instead of on the pages of the videos posted a week later.  So when you go to “Week Three” or any other week’s video, you’ll have all of that info all in one place.  Instead of having to do math, like “Oh, so Week Three’s write-up is on the page for Week Four…”  Yeah, what was I thinking with that?  I hate math!

Okay, so that’s the new dealio.  I think we’ll all find it simpler to navigate, and I hope it will make you even more inclined to actually read the write-ups (I know some of you don’t.  And I love you anyway.  Just because I spend all that time trying to put my thoughts down for you, and keep it relevant and interesting… ).

Anyway… on to Week Six!


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