Week 7 – A New Milestone!

By Kim Davidson
(c) 2010

I can smell it coming in the air. The snow that I’ve been waiting for is almost here
As I step outside the office, heading for a local restaurant
I’m alone so I sit at the bar, beside a man so hot he could be a movie star
We share a friendly toast, read our menus, deciding what we want

CHORUS: And there atop the bar is a snow globe
Tiny figures walking through a tiny town
Lost in my imagination, I shake it hard and fast
And all the glittered snow starts coming down
And you can laugh if you’re so inclined
But I am in the snow globe in my mind.

The man beside me turns to me and smiles. His name is Alejandro and he’s lived here for a while
But he still has an accent, it’s sexy as his dark brown hair
We talk over dinner and some wine. And when we both walk out, he goes his way, I go mine
But I can’t stop the feeling, there is magic in the air.

CHORUS: And at home on the mantel is a snow globe
Tiny figures walking through a tiny town
Lost in my imagination, I shake it hard and fast
And all the glittered snow starts coming down
And you can laugh if you’re so inclined
But I am in the snow globe in my mind.

I wake up and the world has turned to white. A fluffy blanket covers all that I see far and wide.
So I dig out my car and make my way slowly down the street.
The world is quiet, no one is around. And snow flies at my windshield on its journey to the ground
I’m rejoicing in the cold, in the winter sky between the naked trees

CHORUS: And through the window it looks like the snow globe
Everything is frozen like that tiny town
And in my imagination someone’s turned us on our heads
And all the glittered snow is coming down
And you can laugh if you’re so inclined
But I am in the snow globe in my mind

BRIDGE: Then something darts out in the street
I barely see in time
A cold and frightened puppy
From the corner of my eye
I swerve the wheel as best I can
And narrowly I miss
The puppy who runs right on by
My car
Which spins
And slides
Into a giant snow drift….

I’m not hurt, but I am stuck for sure. It’s inconvenient, yes, but not the worst I could endure
So I call AAA, and listen to the radio and wait.
They get there in a half hour or so. And who’s behind the wheel, but dark and sexy Alejandro
And who can really say? Is it coincidence or is it Fate?

CHORUS: And standing in the street feels like the snow globe
Like we’re the tiny figures in that tiny town
And all my sense of reason has been turned upon its head
As all the glittered snow keeps coming down
And you can laugh if you’re so inclined
But I am in the snow globe in my mind.

Okay so, true story: I wake up on Tuesday and discover it is snowing out. This is a surprise to me because I don’t ever watch the news or pay attention to things like the weather forecast (which is how I’ve seriously ended up in flip-flops making my way to the car through an inch of snow once or twice at the end of the workday), so I honestly never know what’s going on in the world until someone mentions it or I see it for myself. Luckily I glanced out the window before getting dressed, thus insuring I’d wear my boots and not the aforementioned flip-flops. It was coming down in big, beautiful, sticky flakes, accumulating on the ground and on my car rapidly. I was loving it. I’m a native New Englander, born of hardy Finnish stock, and I think an innate love for snow and cold is probably in my blood. I know plenty of people who complain about every flake that falls in Massachusetts every year, but I just can’t get enough of it. Especially when it’s pretty snow (versus the dreaded wintry mix—I admit that is no fun) like this was. I was so excited that I had the day off and could get out and enjoy it.

Since it was my scheduled writing day, my basic plan was treating myself to lunch (which I sometimes go for instead of the Starbucks trip), reading a little of an old Debbie Macomber book I found in the bookcase in our upstairs hallway (I’ve been obsessed with her since just after Christmas and have been voraciously reading pretty much everything she’s ever written), and then writing my two tunes. Yes, I had to write my Timmy Riordan song that day in addition to my New Song Weekly song. I actually had to record and upload the song for Tim as well—talk about piling on the pressure! But I was feeling up to it, and the snow definitely boosted my energy and spirits.

I cleaned off my car, which I find oddly therapeutic, and made my way to the T.G.I.Friday’s in Everett. I recently discovered they have this sick deal where you can get an app, an entrée and dessert for $12.99. I know! You take half of it home and it’s two meals in one. And the menu options for that price bracket are really good. I mean, it’s not like you have to bump up to the 3-courses-for-$16.99 option to get the good stuff. It’s a really sweet deal. And I write better on a full tummy, and a little indulgence.

I end up in this cozy booth near the front. It’s past the lunch rush, so it’s not particularly crowded, and the snow has people staying mostly home (because not everyone is like me—I LOVE driving in the snow), so I feel like I’ll really be able to relax and enjoy myself. My waiter comes over, leans against the booth-back across from me and introduces himself. Alejandro. He says his name with this deep sexy, accented voice that just makes me want to sigh and lean my chin on my hand right in front of him, and just stare up at him dreamily while he does exciting things like inhale and exhale. He was really something. I couldn’t identify the accent, but who cares? It was almost like a non-silly-exaggerated version of Hank Azaria’s accent in “The Birdcage.” (Agador-Spartacus!) Which of course makes it sound like it was comical, but trust me—it was NOT. Just sexy as hell. He had me at “Welcome to Friday’s.”

So he was very attentive and yet very respectful of not being in my face, which I can appreciate. It’s a delicate balance, and you don’t even always know you want it that way until you experience it. I was just quietly reading, waiting for each course, and anytime he came over to place anything in front of me it was “Oh, excuse me,” as if he were disturbing me by doing his job. He kept addressing me as “My lady.” NOT everyone can pull that one off, but he just said it like it was so natural. I was quite smitten, truth be told. I think he is married (hard to tell with those Europeans. Is it a wedding band on your right ring finger, or just some ring you like to wear?), but it was an enjoyable meal at the least, and that was more than enough for me. When we were finished and I was handing him the bill he bid me a sweet farewell, “Be careful in the snow,” and told me his schedule (Tuesday through Saturday), which I thought was a nice touch. You take ownership of that lunch shift, Alejandro! I’ll be back!

Now I had started to work on Tim’s song the evening before (after midnight! I’m not a cheater!) so while I was taking a little rest and trying to decide between the three dessert options, I did a little more work on it and got it pretty much finished. That left me free to start thinking about the second song I had to write. And it ended up coming right out of my day, as you heard. The snow was really working me, like an old boyfriend who knows all your sweet spots, and I DID feel like I was living in a snow globe. So that became the inspiration for the song. I sang bits and pieces into my DVR as I drove through the snow. I kept thinking maybe I should stop somewhere else and get it down in my notebook, but I didn’t want to miss any of it, and being in the car is the next best thing to being out walking around in it (only much, much warmer), and the ideas were coming so I didn’t feel I should interrupt my groove. I got a good head start that way, and then decided to grab a cup of coffee and find a place to sit in the car and transcribe what was on the DVR and write in a bit more organized fashion. I ended up at the far edge of a parking lot near my house, facing a line of snow-covered trees, and that was when the idea of making it a romantic encounter song came to me. And at that point I just had to steal Alejandro’s name because, first of all, it’s beautiful and rhythmic and evocative, and also because he had kind of inspired the whole mysterious stranger idea in the first place. So Alejandro, if you ever come across this blog, I dedicate this song to you (and your wife, lucky woman), with my thanks.

I have to say this song was so much FUN to write. I couldn’t wait to sit with my guitar and get the chords going and sing it for myself. I admit feeling like I had something to prove as well. Let’s face it, the past two songs have not been light or fluffy, and I can only imagine that some of you were a heartbeat away from thinking, “Here she goes, back into the dark and disturbing trend again!” Well shows you what YOU know! Just when you think you know me… I’m in the west. (Name that reference!)

Meanwhile, I have to say I had a hell of a time recording this song. I did a great audio pass of it last night after I’d fleshed out the chords and just wanted to hear it all in context. Then tonight while I was making the video it seemed impossible to get the guitar rhythm going without messing it up. At least that was my experience in the moment. I was convinced the one “passable” take I got would have me settling for “good enough.” But after all the editing and time away from it, I have to say I think it came out pretty good after all. And the outtakes even had ME laughing. That might just have to do with it being really late and me being really tired… I don’t know if it’s noticeable, but they’re kinda backwards. I pulled all the videos from last to first this week because I already knew that the last one was the best take, so then everything got kind of jumbled from there. I think it works either way. I mean, they’re outtakes. Who cares what order they happened in, right?

So that’s “Snow Globe.” I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, and I hope the next week brings more inspiration. We’ve passed last year’s milestone. I feel pretty good about that. Just gotta keep on going…


3 Responses to “Week 7 – A New Milestone!”

  1. Kmoney Says:

    He is… Alejandro!

    He should feel honored to have inspired this song.

  2. newsongweekly Says:

    LOL–he might… if I’m ever brave enough to tell him!

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    […] spirits, or so I thought, and I went to Friday’s and even had the good fortune to be waited on by Alejandro again (he didn’t remember me, but it didn’t diminish the experience on my end at all), but […]

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