Well, my little blog-followers, the time has come. Perhaps you saw this coming long before I recognized that it had to happen. I think I was in denial.

New Song Weekly is taking a little break. Nobody panic. Just a LITTLE one. I’m two songs behind (or about to be when Friday rolls around) and I’m realizing that in the next two days I will simply not be able to finish two songs, get them recorded AND posted, while also practicing for a very special gig I have this Friday night, which is part of a weekend away, which piggy-backs into a family function on Sunday.

I’ve stressed all week about catching up, while also trying to work as many hours as I can (weddings are expensive! Even when they’re not yours), and I’ve suddenly been forced to realize something very important: I am only human. I have no super powers of stamina or time management. I can only do and worry about so many things at one time, and while my commitment to this project is deep, I cannot let it take precedence over my health or sanity. This week I have felt like I’m fast approaching a major breakdown–and it’s only Tuesday. Needless to say, something has to take a back seat in the short term, and this is it.

Don’t worry. I will be back before you know it, and I will have a song for each week that I missed (hopefully not very many). I think by next week I’ll be back on track. You’ll hardly notice I’m gone.

So thanks for stopping by, thanks for listening every week and taking the time to comment and message me. I really appreciate it, and I look forward to beginning our exchange again very soon. In the meantime, enjoy your summers, hit the beach (something I have yet to do), have something frosty to drink, take your kids to the zoo, and KEEP COOL!

I’ll see you in a couple weeks!

~ Kim xoxoxo


One Response to “Freeze-Frame!”

  1. clapboard siding Says:

    Well put.

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